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Panoramas et Synthèses - Presentation

Panoramas et Synthèses

The series Panoramas & Synthèses publishes, in English or in French, monographs whose main goal is to provide a synthetic viewpoint on a given mathematical topic. The style of the publications is clear and comprehensive. The contributions sometimes come from meetings organized in the same spirit, but the origin can be a more personal initiative.

The authors attempt to focus on the main ideas, intuitions and guidelines of a mathematical field, and to give a sketch of the most recent developments of the subject. The scope of the series covers all mathematical topics, including interactions with other fields; some well-known references have already been published in ''Panoramas & Synthèses'', for instance:

Symétrie miroir, by Claire Voisin

Introduction à la théorie de Hodge, by José Bertin, Jean-Pierre Demailly, Luc Illusie and Chris Peters

Dynamique et géométrie complexes, by Dominique Cerveau, Étienne Ghys Nessim Sibony and Jean-Christophe Yoccoz (with Marguerite Flexor)

Une introduction aux motifs (Motifs purs, motifs mixtes, périodes), by Yves André

Autour du centenaire Lebesgue, by Gustave Choquet, Thierry De Pauw, Pierre de la Harpe, Jean-Pierre Kahane, Hervé Pajot andBruno Sévennec

The texts are aimed at mathematicians who are not necessarily specialised in the presented subject. Therefore they are particularly recommended to postgraduate students. Here are some of the most recent books in the series:

Topics on Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Antonin Novotný, Raphaël Danchin and Misha Perepelitsa, edited by Didier Bresch
Panoramas et synthèses 50 (2016), xxiii+135 pages

Autour des Motifs
Asian-French summer school on algebraic geometry and number theory , Volume III

Takeshi Saito, Laurent Clozel and Jörg Wildeshaus
Panoramas et synthèses 49 (2016), xii+131 pages

Lectures on quantum topology in dimension three
Tuan T. Q. Lê, Christine Lescop, Robert Lipshitz, Paul Turner
Panoramas et synthèses 48 (2016), x+174 pages

Autour des schémas en groupes
École d'été « Schémas en groupes », Group Schemes, A celebration of SGA3 , Volume III
Takeshi Saito, Laurent Clozel and Jörg Wildeshaus
Panoramas et synthèses 47 (2016), xii+131 pages