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Aims of the series

The "Panoramas & Synthèses" series publishes monographs or collections of texts whose main objective is to provide the mathematical community books showing for a overarching vision on a given topic. Clarity and concern for pedagogy in writing are essential elements of appreciation: the texts should be accessible to mathematicians not specialists willing to learn about the subject, or to students starting a research activity.


Every book published in the series "Panoramas & Synthèses" is the outcome of a thoughtful work of one or more authors; books can also come from a conference with similar objectives to those of the collection.

Mathematical themes

All mathematical themes, including those related to applications or interactions with other scientific disciplines, are likely to lead to a publication in the collection "Panoramas & Synthèses".

Publishing process

The publishing process for the collection "Panoramas & Synthèses" is the same as for any periodic scientific journal (appointment of anonymous refereeing experts by the editorial board). One feature however is that each publication corresponds to a coherent comprehensive book, resulting in a first assessment on this point. In the case of a volume containing several texts, contributions are all interdependent: after individual evaluation of texts, there is acceptance or refusal of publication for the whole set. If one of the manuscripts is eventually missing, the full submitted volume might be rejected. The editorial board may solicit contributions; in this case, the publishing process is the same as that just described.