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Séminaires et Congrès - Titles - 11 (2005)


Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory (AGCT 2003)
Y. Aubry, G. Lachaud
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), xviii+216 pages
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On towers of function fields over finite fields
Peter Beelen, Arnaldo Garcia, Henning Stichtenoth
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 1-20
Abstract and full text

Addition behavior of a numerical semigroup
Maria Bras-Amorós
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 21-28
Abstract and full text

On the calculation and estimation of Waring number for finite fields
Oscar Moreno, Francis N. Castro
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 29-40
Abstract and full text

Mathematical background of Public Key Cryptography
Gerhard Frey, Tanja Lange
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 41-73
Abstract and full text

On curves over finite fields
Arnaldo Garcia
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 75-110
Abstract and full text

Tame pro-p Galois groups: A survey of recent work
Farshid Hajir
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 111-124
Abstract and full text

Pointless curves of genus three and four
Everett W. Howe, Kristin E. Lauter, Jaap Top
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 125-141
Abstract and full text

Real quadratic extensions of the rational function field in characteristic two
Dominique Le Brigand
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 143-169
Abstract and full text

Explicit upper bounds for the residues at s=1 of the Dedekind zeta functions of some totally real number fields
Stéphane R. Louboutin
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 171-178
Abstract and full text

On the bilinear complexity of the multiplication in finite fields
Stéphane Ballet, Robert Rolland
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 179-188
Abstract and full text

Homomorphisms of abelian varieties
Yuri G. Zarhin
Séminaires et Congrès 11 (2005), 189-215
Abstract and full text